Site Switch.

Hey! Claire here.

I’d just like to say that this is my LAST post on this site. I got accepted into ‘s clique a while ago. So I’m leaving this site and switching to a new one.  Also, check out TPC- I mean, the MAC’s blogs.

Massie Block:

Alicia Rivera:

Kristen Gregory:

Dylan Marvil:

Claire Lyons (New site) :

We are 100% official, no fakes here. Check us out 🙂


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Halloween Deets.

Hey Girlies!

It’s been forever since I’ve updated.  But with TPC-DSL Halloween party my scheduale has been booked! So I apologize again! Forgive me? I just got back from yet another PC five-way about The Party.  It was a  last-minute change about our costumes and we had to go over the party scheduale. We have been “uber” stressed lately. Massie is calling meetings like crazy! Like, seriously! And I think all of this stress has turned Dyl into a Starbuckie. LOL. But this party with be worth all of it trust me. 😉 Oh, And  wanna know want to know what I’m going as? Alice from Alice in Wonderland 3D.  I found a picture simallar to what my costume is going to look like!

And it’s perfect becuase I’m a blond! This is gonna be Cam’s costume I asked him to be My Mad-Hatter 🙂

Todd will be going as Buzz Lightyear from ToyStory3 and his friend Tiny Nathan will be Woody, that should be interesting. Layne still won’t tell me what she’s gonna be she said she want’s it to be a surprise. I’m sure it’ll be something crazy and orignal, but that’s why I love her! We all have our dates as well! Massie is going with Derrington,  Alicia is going with Diego Flores,  Dylan is going with Chris Charter, and Kristen is going with Chris Abeley’s cousin. He’s pretty hot, but not as hot as my date Cam 🙂 If you want more info on the guys, check out Massie’s New Post!  We’re even going to do more before the Party! There’s a new Haunted House were going to check out,  Cam said it was suppossed to be really scary. I’m kinda anxious haha:) Then afterwards, Massie told us that Skye had booked this super exclusive restaurant, THEN there’s going to be a Halloween Dance at the Westchester Country Academy. Whoo! I’m excited!! Well I gotta go! I’m going out to eat with Cam 😀





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Busy, Busy, Bee.

Phew! Things have been so exhausting lately. I just moved into the West Chester Academy fully. (Picture of my Doorm Room at the end of the post!) At first I almost couldn’t go becuase of the High Prices!  But thankfully, I have a loving Best Friend to help me out. 🙂 So now that I’m official in things got more hectic than usual. I have a total of Seven classes: Art First, Biology Second,  Algebra I Third,  Honors English Fourth, (I have a lunch break inbetween) World History Fifth, then finally the fun classes at the end- Drama and Show Choir. I may have to choose between those two classes though! Uhg. And all this School Work has taken time away from My Cam 😦 I G-chat with him as often as I can, and call, text, E-mail, You get the picture. 🙂

Now I’m sitting in my bed wearing a pair of  Juicy Pajama pants Massie lent me, my “Vampires at my Homework” Halloween Tee, and my Fuzzy Frog socks with googly eyes. Massie said that they were an insult to amphibians and if they were real, they would suffocate because of how bad my outfit was but at least I’m cozy 🙂 And the song on the mixed CD  Cam got me just changed to “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars. He said every time he hears it he thinks of me. 🙂

And, TPC has been busy helping plan my Birthday Party which By the Way is on Monday. We’ll be on Fall Break that week so it’ll all work out.  I’m gonna be Fifteen! Massie has rented out this awesome Man-Made beach she found in Westchester! Who knew they had those? Everybody is gonna be there. Espically Cam 😉 Well, I’ve got to go! Here is a picture of My Doorm-Room:



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